Marilyn Meredith and F.M. Meredith author of mysteries and Christian thrillers

Cup of Demons
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Searching for freedom from a curse

A young girl's life is drastically impacted by her family history of paranormal giftings. Passed down to her by her Great Aunt, she struggles to cope with her "gifts," ghostly appearances and the tragic death of her high school friend. When these seemingly innocent "spiritual guides" are revealed as the demonic beings they are, her only hope lies in deliverance through the Lord. "Marilyn Meredith's writing is every bit as riveting and suspenseful as Frank Peretti's."

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"Author Marilyn Meredith has written a creative horror with a refreshing blend of inspiration. She keeps you wondering what her CUP OF DEMONS are up to to the very end. I applaud her sense of creativity and look forward to reading more from this inspiring author."

--Patricia A. Rasey, author of FACADE, KISS OF DECEIT and EYES OF BETRAYAL.