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A small town's quiet peacefulness is shattered by the strange disappearance of small animals and then the contents of an infant's gravesite. No one wants to believe it's more than vandalism until it turns to kidnapping and then suicide. Will the local preacher and the lady sheriff's deputy be able to convince the authorities a Satanic group is responsible, or will they be the next victims? The choice is an utterly captivating and unnerving tale of what most of us would rather not admit happens in real life.- in our town! "Marilyn Meredith's novels hit close to home - too close!"

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THE CHOICE -- The author comments:

This book had its beginnings as a Tempe Crabtree story. However, as I wrote more about her, she changed into an entirely different character. Because I felt this story about good vs. evil in a small town was a story that needed to be told, I developed new characters and a different setting. The Choice is a horror story laced with Christian elements.


"As the widowed mother of an oft-absent teenaged son, Jessica McGuire appears to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her job as deputy of the small town of Lawrenceville wins her little respect among the local barflies and her superior officers, and when Jessica discovers the desecration of an old grave she is further reprimanded. Just make sure the drunks get home safely and that the kids are not out late spraypainting buildings, is all she is told.

Jessica finds it difficult to ignore other strange thefts. Barnyard animals are missing, as is the large redwood cross at the local church. Pastor David Tanner, to Jessica's shock, suspects a force of evil is trying to take over the community, leading the deputy to fight an uphill battle with small-town bureaucracy which unfortunately does not prevent the loss of life. That Jessica's own faith in God is middling, it is the only weapon she has against the group of black-robed citizens who have made the fight too personal for her to ignore.

The Choice is a short novel of suspense, a tense and contemporary adaption of good versus evil. Though some of her actions may not appear professional, Jessica acts out of passion, and to watch her grow in faith is inspiring. Author Meredith's style is direct in her presentation where matters of faith are concerned, providing for a riveting climax."

-- Kathryn Lively on Catholic Books Blog


"Though the town is her deceased husband's home and he died eight years ago, Jessica McGuire raises her fourteen year old son Jonathan in Lawrenceville, California, at the foothills of the Sierra. Jessica serves as the town''s resident deputy reporting to the Lupine County sheriff. Most of her work involves speeding and lesser offenses so that her superior never takes anything she does seriously even if she solved a murder last year.

While jogging Jessica notices that someone desecrated the grave of an infant taking the remains with them. Later widower Pastor David Tanner informs her that an individual stole a valueless small cross from the church. Finally, Letty Burns tells Jessica that one of her beloved kids (goat that is) was abducted. Although her boss scoffs at her, Jessica and David believe firmly that a Satanist cult is doing the petty crimes. When a teen commits suicide and her son acts strange beyond raging hormones, Jessica wonders if the devil worshippers are hooked by what David describes as seemingly nice friendly people by day.

This is an exhilarating police procedural that feels somewhat like an amateur sleuth cozy because the heroine, though she follows the book, lacks experience in investigations and her partner is a pastor. The trouble in Lawrenceville is cleverly constructed at a leisurely pace so that like Sheriff Boone, the audience thinks it is teen pranks. The fully developed characters bring to life Lupine County with the maxim that even small isolated rural areas have some of the problems that confront big cities. Sub-genre readers will find this is a fine choice as Marilyn Meredith furbishes a solid investigative tale."

-- Harriet Klausner


"After the death of her husband, Jessica McGuire took a job as a police deputy in the small town of Lawrenceville, California, in order to support herself and her son Jonathan. Her job is mostly mundane, dealing with burglaries, drunks, and escaped farm animals. However, in early March, things begin to change. She finds an old grave of an infant dug up and the skeleton removed. A goat and a cow are killed and their blood is taken. The cross from the local church is stolen.

Jessica teams up with Pastor David Tanner to investigate these strange occurrences. He is convinced that Satan worshipping is taking place in their town. Jessica isn't sure, but she's willing to have an open mind and keep investigating. Jonathan has started acting strangely, shutting himself off from her and listening to heavy metal music. Is he somehow involved? When she comes across some hooded people conducting a ceremony in the woods, she knows she needs to get to the bottom of things before the mischief escalates into something worse. Or is it already too late?

THE CHOICE is a frightening look at the worship of Satan and its dire consequences. Ms. Meredith obviously did a great deal of research into the subject and presents it in a straightforward manner. Readers get an inside look into Satan's lies and how God's truth can help overcome them. Jessica is a fascinating character, and readers will be endeared to her right away. Her struggles with supporting her son as a single mom, and trying to balance her work with her family life are incredibly realistic.

The ending scenes left me breathless and turning pages quickly to see the outcome. I was intrigued by the choices the characters had to make and the consequences that came from those decisions.

This is the second book I have read by Marilyn Meredith and will definitely read more in the future. She explores things that some authors shy away from because they are too controversial. Christians and non-Christians equally will have a great deal to learn and ponder from THE CHOICE. I recommend it for anyone wanting to experience a hard-hitting good versus evil story. "

-- In the Library Reviews, Reviewer: Melissa Parcel