Marilyn Meredith and F.M. Meredith author of mysteries and Christian thrillers

The Astral Gift

The Astral Gift

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The Astral Gift: Are Out of Body experiences a gift or a curse? Read and discover.
Gift or Curse?
Elaine Brinsfield is an independent, attractive young woman who loves her job as day care teacher. To her vivacious roommate, Caro Tovar, and her co-workers, it seems the only thing missing in Elaine's life is a good man, a man like Ken Lammerson, the handsome police officer who rescues Elaine and falls in love.

But it's not that simple. A victim of childhood sexual abuse, Elaine can't bear the thought of being intimate with a man, even the man she loves.

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"The Astral Gift by Marilyn Meredith opens up with a gripping prologue that makes the reader yearn to read the next word and the next. But the suspense does not stop there, instead, it builds up in layer after layer as the novel progresses. Each chapter will bring the reader to an unsuspecting and surprising turn and twist. It is a book that can both send shivers down your spine and tears to your eyes. It is brilliantly crafted in a fast-pace manner that brings the readers to the edge of their seats. It is a highly recommended book for anyone who enjoys mystery with elements of supernatural phenomenon.

I give it 4.5 stars!"

December 23, 2003 Reviewed by Shirley Cheng, author of Daring Quests of Mystics

"Elaine is not sure if her unusual abilities to travel outside her body and see other people's colored auras is a gift or a curse. After surviving a horrific childhood of abuse by a step-father, Elaine has found her calling in working with pre-school children. The work is satisfying, but the money is not enough to be self-supporting, so Elaine has decided to move into an apartment with her friend Caro. Caro is Elaine's polar opposite. She wears flashy clothes and makeup and has a new boyfriend each week, it seems. This relationship with Caro and some problems at the pre-school trigger her astral projections to a dizzying pace. It brings a new relationship with a gentle policeman into her life, but also puts her freedom and life in jeopardy.

In The Astral Gift, Ms. Meredith has the perfect balance of paranormal, mystery and romance. The heroine is one for whom the reader feels great empathy. She has not let herself wallow in victim-hood, but has chosen a life where she can help small children. The Astral Gift packs an emotional wallop as well as telling a compelling story. It is sure to please current fans of Ms. Meredith and win her new ones."

-- Roberta Austin reviewer of All About Murder & Murder and Mayhem

Review from the BookShelf

An emotionally charged story about violence and mysticism. The Astral Gift recounts the tale of a woman who, as an abused child, learned to escape her terror in a most remarkable way. As an adult, the heroine is haunted by, and finds strength in, her escape mechanism.

Marilyn Meredith does an excellent job in developing her characters. This, the second book I have read by the author, reveals not only her talent to tell a story, as she does in "Two Ways West," but also her ability to create one.